With our HR scan & design, we will make an analysis of your existing HR policy, exposing your strengths and focal points, and subsequently advise on the optimisation of the policy and processes.

Below is an overview of our packages that can, however, always be adapted to the needs of your company.

HR starterkit

We offer advice and support when you recruit your first employee. We guide you through the jumble of legislation and make sure you are ready for a flying start.

HR audit

We analyse your current remuneration policy and compare it with the law and provisions of the joint committee. From there, we indicate both the strengths and focal points of your policy. Finally, we provide an analysis of the internal equity of your remuneration policy.

HR audit & design

Here we go a little further than the standard HR audit. We add an external benchmarking and a survey of your employees. On the basis of these analyses, we propose an optimised remuneration policy. Throughout the entire process, we insert regular consultation moments.

Salary optimisation

We will optimise your salary policy from a fiscal and parafiscal point of view in order that your salary costs remain manageable. We ensure a win-win: a lower salary cost for the employer and a higher net remuneration for the employee.

Cafetaria plan

Come out as an attractive employer and allow an employee to flexibly fill in his salary package. You determine the options yourself and this in a budget-neutral way. Together, we discuss the possibilities, provide personal advice and take care of the communication with your employees. This way, you get a cafeteria plan tailored to your company and to the needs of your employees.

External benchmarking

We compare your current salary policy with similar positions in a labour market within your sector and region, and report on the position of your salaries within this labour market.

HR processes

We help you draw up and keep your HR processes up-to-date, such as an evaluation system or job descriptions and classifications.

Merger/acquisition harmonisation

In the case of acquisitions or mergers, we harmonise the remuneration policies of both companies and at the same time optimise salaries and control labour costs.

Lindra is a recognised service provider of the SME e-wallet in the area of advice. This means that your company can receive a substantial subsidy for this HR service through the SME e-wallet. Through the SME e-wallet you can get 30% subsidy as a small enterprise and 20% as a medium-sized enterprise. Our registration number for advice is DV.A240481.

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