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We switched to Lindra because we weren't satisfied with our previous (large) payroll office, something went wrong all the time.

Karine and her team are really there for us.

Short communication lines, excellent service, sharp advice. Everything is running smoothly now.

Ilse & Alain
Business Owners

VnM Projects

A while ago I got to know Karine's services at BNI Mercator.

Payroll ofices, who doesn't struggle with it. We certainly do! Each question is for a different department and requires a lot of time. The cost picture is often out of proportion.

I asked Karine to audit the basis of our HR policy. She came to explain the approach to me, made an offer, did the screening and gave me a readable report with concrete proposals for improvements.

Thank you for the transparency in a world of ambiguities. Thank you for a uniform policy that we can continue to build on.

Katrien Van Winkel
Business Owner

Voor ‘t Labo

Lindra is so much more than a payroll office; it is a partner.

As often, this collaboration started with a good conversation. Karine Vandenplas listened very carefully to my story, wishes and concerns.

Her concrete proposal with optimization within the legal framework ensured a win-win situation for the employees and the company.

Lindra thinks along, now and in the future, which creates confidence and peace within my company.

The extensive professional knowledge - at tax and legal level - in combination with the personal commitment and sense of responsibility of the entire team, makes Lindra an excellent and extremely reliable HR partner.

Carmen Van Waeyenberghe
Business Owner

Belchim Crop Protection

For several years we have been working with Lindra on international mobility (expat dossiers, tax studies, ...). What I appreciate most in our cooperation is the efficient communication and practical advice they provide: no endless legal explanations, but applicable advice in human language that you can start using right away. In addition, they have a very extensive network, which means that they can also provide advice at country level.

Charis Van Dijck
Corporate HR Manager

Brewer Science

The services and expertise of Lindra makes Brewer Science a quality employer within Belgium. Without their partnership, guidance and local insight, I would not be successful in guaranteeing the best for our Belgian employees.

Vicki Hallsworth
Director, International Human Resources

Eurohome Relocation Services BV

We are satisfied with Lindra's handling of immigration files and always find it a pleasant cooperation.

Joyce Stuij
International Relocation Coordinator


Karine and her team take great care of their employer partners to ensure full and complete services at the highest level of professionalism and quality.

Joanne Mocny
Director, Global Human Resources & Facilities


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