2 November 2018

The end-of-year premium: am I entitled to it?

December is an expensive month for everyone. Then, an end-of-year premium is always welcome. Only half of all employees in the private sector receive this gift. Are you entitled to it?

There is no fixed rule that says you are entitled to an end-of-year premium. You are entitled to it within five situations. An end-of-year premium is fixed:

  • in a sectoral collective labor agreement;
  • in a collective labor agreement within the company;
  • in the work regulations of the organization;
  • in an individual agreement between employer and employee or;
  • if it is a habit within the company.

Some exceptions

There are still some exceptions. For example, there are sectors and companies where you must have a certain seniority, or where you must actually be employed on December 31st. 

What happens if you meet the conditions, but you haven't worked at your employer throughout the year? Usually the thirteenth month is considered divisible and you receive a part that is propotionate to the duration of your employment within the company. But there are also companies and sectors where you first have to be employed for a full year before you receive a premium.

What if you were absent during the year dure to incapacity for work, temporary unemployment, maternity leave, an accident at work or time credit? It depends on whether this period is equated or not with effective labor. If that is not the case, you will receive an incomplete thirteenth month.

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The end-of-year premium: am I entitled to it?

The end-of-year premium: am I entitled to it?

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