2 July 2019

Job students: what do I need to take into account?

The summer vacation has finally started! Many students want to use this holiday for earning some money. For many companies this sounds like music to the ears. There are, however, a number of conditions that an employer must take into account when recruiting a job student.

1. A student must be registered with an official educational institution or training center. He must also have the main status 'student'.

2. A student may only start working from the age of 16. Exception: this is also allowed at the age of 15 if the student has completed the 1st grade of secondary school.

3. A student cannot be a job student if:

  • The student works continuously for 12 months for the same employer;
  • The student does an unpaid internship for his or her studies;
  • The student follows a limited curriculum through evening school or education. Please note that if the student follows a limited curriculum part-time education, this person may only work as a student during school holidays.

4. Belgian law imposes a limit of 475 hours with an advantageous social security rate. If these hours are exceeded, the student must pay the price and it becomes less interesting for both the student and the employer. Moreover, the advantageous social security rate only applies if the employer announces the employment in due time.

Be sure to check these 4 points before you decide to hire a job student!

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Job students: what do I need to take into account?

Job students: what do I need to take into account?

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