18 December 2018

Is it too cold to work?

During the last beautiful summer, the question arose whether it was too hot to work or not. Now that winter has arrived, we would like to inform you about temperatures that are acceptable to employees.

The minimum temperature to work depends on the type of work: administrative work or heavy manual labor. For closed and continuously occupied workspaces, minimum temperatures are legally determined and take into account the physical workload:

Physical workloadTemperature
Very light work18°C
Light work16°C
Half-heavy work14°C
Heavy work12°C
Very heavy work10°C

The industrial medical officer decides which actions must be taken to protect employees against the cold. Possible actions are: to offer clothes that protects employees against excessive cold, to offer
free hot drinks, ...

For specific information within certain sectors, you can always contact us and we are happy to help you.

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Is it too cold to work?

Is it too cold to work?

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