28 November 2018

End of year gift

The employer can offer gift-vouchers to his employees every year. This in the form of payment certificates, a bank transfer, cash or kind. It is given for the occasion of Saint Nicholas, Christmas or New Year.

These gift-vouchers:

  1. May be exchanged at companies that have entered into an agreement with the provider of these payment certificates;
  2. Have a limited term;
  3. May not be paid in cash.


When the gifts meet certain conditions, they are not seen as a salary. This means they are exempt from NSSO and taxes. In order not to be considered as salary, certain conditions must be followed.

Maximum amount NSSO
Deductibility employer

No social contributions for employer or employee
Saint Nicholas, Christmas, New Year
Per child € 40,00
Per child € 40,00
Per child € 40,00

To verify whether the gift falls under these conditions, they look at the system that the employer uses and not to the amount that is assigned to the employee.

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End of year gift

End of year gift

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