11 August 2020

Extension temporary unemployment

Temporary unemployment due to force majeure (corona): new rules from September 2020

3 August 2020

23 July 2020

26 June 2020

18 June 2020

Holidays during the corona crisis

Are employees allowed to cancel their holiday due to the corona crisis? We summarize what is possible and what is not.

15 June 2020

26 May 2020

18 May 2020

Corona parental leave

Employees, who don't have childcare facilities, can apply for Corona parental leave in the coming period.

22 April 2020

Job students in Corona times

What do you need to take into account when employing a job student during the Corona crisis? Read here the guidelines that must be followed strictly.

10 April 2020

Home work allowance (Corona virus)

Do you want to pay a temporary expense allowance to your employees during the Corona crisis? Discover the possibilities here.

27 January 2020

The evaluation of employees

How can you make the evaluation of employees more meaningful? Read our 4 valuable tips here!

15 January 2020

5 benefits while collaborating with an external HR department

Do you have a shortage in your HR departement or there is no budget to recruit an extra employee? Enable an external HR department!

2 July 2019

Job students: what do I need to take into account?

When recruiting a job student during the summer vacation, there are some points that you, as an employer, must take into account.

19 June 2019

Ill before or during leave, what now?

Are you, as an employer obliged to grant a warranted salary when an employee is sick before of during his leave?

26 April 2019

Newsletter April 2019: Hrms online tools with a new look

From May 2019 the Hrms online tools will be refreshed.

7 February 2019

The obligations of a sick employee

Which obligations does an employee have in case of illness?

23 January 2019

Too late at work due to snowfall

Are employees entitled to wages when they arrive late at work due to glazed frost or snow?

15 January 2019

Guaranteed wage in case of a ski accident

Many Belgians will leave on ski holidays in the coming months. But what if one of your employees is incapacitated due to a ski accident?

9 January 2019

Newsletter 09.01.2019: new procedure work permits

As of January 1st a new regulation has come into effect regarding work admissions.

18 December 2018

Is it too cold to work?

During the last beautiful summer, the question arose whether it was too hot to work or not. Now that winter has arrived, we would like to inform you about temperatures that are acceptable to employees.

11 December 2018

Easing of the training clause

Employers must be encouraged to invest more in training. That is why our Belgian government eased the training clause for shortage professions. This easing has started from 10 November 2018.

28 November 2018

End of year gift

At festive occasions, for example Saint Nicholas, the employer can offer a gift to his employees in the form of gift-vouchers. In this article we discuss which conditions must be followed within the company.

14 November 2018

Newsletter November: holidays 2019

Prohibition of employment during the holidays

2 November 2018

The end-of-year premium: am I entitled to it?

December is an expensive month for everyone. Then, an end-of-year premium is always welcome. Only half of all employees in the private sector receive this gift. Are you entitled to it?

26 October 2018

Switch summer to winter time

On Sunday 28 October, the time will switch to winter time again: 3 am will be 2 am. Employees working in shifts on that night will have to work 1 hour longer. What salary do you have to pay them?

18 October 2018

Lack of power: what does this mean for companies?

From November, as a company, you can come into contact with lack of power. This makes it possible that the job cannot be realized or that the activities must be stopped. Some actions can be taken to anticipate the consequences.

11 October 2018

Can I take my holidays with me?

When the end of year is approaching, there are often problems with taking or transferring remaining holidays. Some companies allow this, other don't. We clarify with this article how it is right.

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