How can you employ a foreign employee in your company?
Are you looking to hire an expat to fill a bottleneck position?
Secondment of your employee abroad, how do you proceed?

Welcome to Lindra, your expert and coach in international employment.

Lindra guides you smoothly and efficiently through the tangle of regulations and administration that international employment brings. Whether you want to recruit a foreign employee or a Belgian employee is going to work abroad, there are a lot of parameters that you have to take into account. From visa applications to income tax, from immigration to social security; our 360° service covers it all.

You can contact Lindra for:

  • Applying for work permit expats, visa, residence permit

  • Registering expats in the municipality/city, registration social security

  • Wage calculation expats, payroll services and salary splits

  • Personnel administration, arranging taxes for expats

  • Limosa declarations, tax declaration expats

  • Management of social security and tax, manual calculation of withholding tax

  • Advice on international schools, childcare, housing

  • Coaching accompanying partners (jobs, free time)

Your expert for international employment

From the very welcome meeting all the way to the exit meeting, Lindra guides your expats and foreign employees in a personal way and relying on a lot of expertise and experience. Lindra is part of the ECOVIS network and is connected to more than 70 countries that way. Legislation on employment within or outside Europe? You can count on us!

>> Welcome to Lindra, your consulting partner for international employment and guidance of expats for SMEs and multinationals. 

Looking to go international? 
We come by for a chat, without any obligations.



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