Are you legally in order with the employment conditions of your staff?
Would you like to have someone calculate a number of alternatives for a salary increase?
Can you raise your employee’s net wage and reduce wage costs at the same time?

Welcome to Lindra, your expert in pay & employment conditions (compensation & benefits).

Fringe benefits are an alternative wage form that entails tax benefits for you and your employee. You can opt for the classic options such as a group insurance or lunch vouchers, but you can be sure there are alternatives that are definitely worth the effort too: how about ‘expenses for working at home’ or ‘increased reimbursement of public transport pass’. Together we look at how we can optimize the remuneration, in line with the strategic objectives of the company and the applicable legislation.

You can contact Lindra for:

  • A check-up of the employment conditions of your staff

  • Fiscal wage optimization, benefit in kind

  • Group insurance, premiums and fees

  • Company cars, smartphone, laptop, internet as benefit

  • Meal vouchers, gift vouchers, sport & culture vouchers

  • Expenses for working at home, increased reimbursement public transport pass

  • Travel allowance, extra vacation days

  • Wage bonus and so much more…

Employment conditions policy from a different angle

Due to the growth, merger or transition of your company, your wage policy sometimes gets out of balance. Lindra dives into your personnel files for a thorough analysis and provides advice on possible wage optimizations in combination with interesting fringe benefits. Curious about our analysis of your wage policy?

>> Welcome to Lindra, your specialist in pay and employment conditions who sets out the lines of a well-founded wage policy together with you.

Interested in wage optimization?
We come by for a chat, without any obligations.


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