A win-win for employer and employee

During an hr scan & design, we follow an advised roadmap to examine your employee policy, your salary policy and the personnel documents. You will receive an extensive report with advice and optimization options that you can use right away.

The building bricks of our hr scan & design

  1. We map out your current compensation policy.
  2. We reflect that policy with the law and the regulations of the Joint Committee.
  3. We carry out an internal and external benchmarking.
  4. Through a survey of your employees, we provide insight into how your employees view the current remuneration policy.
  5. We look at the optimization options, both in terms of the costs for you as an employer and in terms of the net amounts for your employees.
  6. We install a strategic and well-considered compensation policy.

Our hr scan & design is always tailor-made. The focus of the process is determined by the client. We have already handled the following matters for our clients:

  • Developing HR processes such as job descriptions, job classifications and performance interviews.
  • Taking a close look at the possibilities of variable remuneration.
  • Fine-tuning the work regulations and other regulations such as a telework policy, car policy and so on.
  • Adding a cafeteria plan to the remuneration policy.
  • Harmonising the remuneration policy in the event of a merger or takeover.

A stress-free social inspection

During our hr scan & design, we not only provide solutions that benefit both you and your team financially; we also guarantee that you are inspection-proof. An inspection is coming your way? You don't have to worry about it, thanks to Lindra you have the necessary personnel documents and audit report ready.

Are you ready for a personal hr scan & design?


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